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Welcome to ‘on air: public space‘ web blog:  a gallery based platform for the exchange and recording of dialogue generated in conjunction with the MA in Visual Art Practices (IADT) Public Gesture: Pirate Capital event at the LAB Foley Street, Dublin 1 –  taking place from the 3rd – 8th June 2010.

As part of the Public Gesture: Pirate Capital event, this blog is a platform for collecting and archiving sound recordings generated over the four-day event including vox pops and peer crits with participating artists, curators and critics, public talks, discussions.

on air : public space is a project that uses the place of the public art event to engage in dialogue with participants to talk about their pieceprocess and practice and the place of the gallery space. The recordings are a resource for both participants and audience to navigate on-line either at the gallery during the event or outside and beyond the event.

Content is being added daily throughout the event and we welcome you to visit and to participate with us via this web blog or  at The LAB between 10am-6pm during the event.


Colette Lewis & Chiara Liberti

web station installation @ The LAB


Veronica Forsgren

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 (interview : 6:16 mins)

(peer crit : 17:20 mins)

Constructing and displaying benches for Public Gesture is a method of experimenting with new ideas that have surfaced in resent research. Inspired by Folk Art and ideas from the Arts and Craft Movement my key concerns are: What is my heritage and how is this linked with socio-political events in the past and present? Having identified the home as a site of personal and political importance I am exploring ideas of beauty, in terms of decoration, as a moral and functional method of creating and promoting change in society.

on air: public space II : sound installation

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(9:18 mins)

Audio montage of radio recordings from different nationals and internationals radio stations.

Second installation, part of the collaborative project between Chiara Liberti and Colette Lewis, exhibited in the Public Gesture : Pirate Capital event at The Lab, Foley Street, Dublin 1 –  taking place from the 3rd  to 8th June 2010.

Kevin Holland

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(interview :  17 mins)

This sculpture is an amalgamation of various forms and materials which relate to the Pirate Capital theme of the exhibition. The choice of materials is to be commonplace, sourced from the discount stores and hardware shops on the streets surrounding The LAB gallery. The form that these materials strive to become is based on the pirate queen Grainne Mhaol. Once the figurehead on the prow of the Asgard, the sailing vessel that was a symbol of Irish pride, she now lies at the bottom of the sea.

Paul Regan

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(peer crit : 14 mins)

Communion [two grand I believe] [two grand I think]
The ethics of authenticity are raised in composing an exhibition installation involving a seven-year-old boy’s bed [with the boy actually in it]. The boy recently “made” his first holy communion and received gifts of cash totaling almost 2,000 euro. Did this really happen? He did dress up in a fancy suit but did he really commune with Jesus, receive all that money and [with his mother’s consent] participate in an art exhibit about it? This work is part of ongoing larger body of work exploring issues of faith and belief through the assembly and construction of objects.

Simon Keogh

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(interview : 32 mins)

(peer crit : 17:40 mins)

‘Do some of us die because people have terrible memories?’
The work comprises a site-determined mixed media installation. The work is an inquiry into how certain memories may be triggered which affect our different perceptions of the same space. On entering a space which has competing sensory elements the audience is invited to lie down and open themselves to an experience. Does this piece require the participation of the audience for its completion or can it rely on its materiality and structure to stand alone as a formal aesthetic piece? The work forms part of Keogh’s ongoing research into the control exerted over viewers of art and their role in creating meaning.

Colette Lewis & Chiara Liberti

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(peer crit : 21:20 mins)

on air: public space
In 1988 the Radio and Television Act was introduced in Ireland by the state and provided for the first time a structure for licensing non-RTE services. Prior to this Act during the 70’s and 80’s pirate radio stations had been lobbying for a more participatory and democratic access to legal public broadcast. In contrast to this time in history the internet has now opened wide public access to broadcast.

A web station installation will operate in the gallery for the duration of the event acting as a platform inviting public participation. A second installation on air: public space II of found news footage from the 1980’s will be screened in conjunction with a melange sound work of recent radio recordings from national and international stations.

(on air:public space II sound work : 9:18 mins)

Enagh Farrell

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(interview : 22 mins)

(peer crit : 22:15 mins)

Stealing from Stillness
Mythology and various spiritual texts are heavily referenced within this performance piece. Water acts as a metaphor for time – a thief, stealing from us what is seemingly permanent and fixed. This performance is constantly in flux and evolving over a period of time, and what appears as a certainty is eventually eroded to reveal something entirely different.